Descendants François Adrien Thibault et de M.-Jeanne Cécile Cherui


1. François Adrien Thibault

A little bit of history to show when and where François Adrien Thibault came to Haïti from France.
The Spaniards with Christopher Columbus came  to America, stopped in San-Salvador, Cuba and the Island of Hispaniola (Haïti and the Dominican Republic) thinking they were in the West-Indies, seing people with a copper colored skin.  At that time, (1492) everybody ignored everything that concerned the Astècs from Mexico, the Incas of Pérou and around a million Arrawaks from Haïti.
The political, social and religious  organisation of the Arrawaks was very simple.  Haïti was divided into 5 "caciquats" or kingdoms.  50 years later, very few indigenous were still living.  Since Christopher Columbus wanted to settle a christian kingdom, his cupid companions tried to get rid of the people by having the people work so terribly hard.  There             was also a terrible outbreak of smallpox that killed a great part of them.  More than 200 000 people died.  
That is when they introduced black people from Africa to serve the upper class.  This happened in 1503.
It is in 1625 that English and French adventurers came to the Island of Santo Domingo that the latter called Saint-Dominigue.  By the treaty of Ryswick, in 1697 Spain gave up a third of the isle to the French.
Some years latter, a certain François Adrien Thibault from Paris came to Haïti.  He married M.-Jeanne Cécile Cherui and had at least 3 sons and a daughter.  
In 1789, year of the French Revolution, the black slaves were hearing about, "liberté, égalité et fraternité".  Slaves by the name of Toussaint Louverture, Boukman and Biassou started an uprising of the people.   On August 14, 1791, Boukman gathered a large number of slaves in a clearing at Bois-Caiman (north of the country) where was held a Vaudou ceremony (religion that the slaves imported from Africa had brought with them to oppose   Catholicism imposed by the settlers).  All the slaves vowed to obey Boukman's orders.
During the night of Aug 22, 1791, the rebellion spread like wildfire.  Nevertheless, they spared a certain number of settlers that were brought in a good hiding place by grateful slaves.  That is how François Adrien Thibault's family was saved.  They left for Philadelphia.  
Félix Thibault was born in March 11, 1791 at Ste-Rose de Léogane, Haïti.  He was 4 months old when all this to place.
He married twice:  the first wife was Marie Grégoire, the gggmother of François Gibson, that got in touch with me and gave me very interesting data on his branch.  Félix remarried with Anna Maria Seton Cain that is the ggggmother of Luann (Thibault) Barbagallo by  whom I got more information.

Marriage Notes for François Adrien Thibault and M.-Jeanne Cécile Cherui

In the 1790's there was an uprising of the natives and they escaped with their 3 sons.