Descendants Emery Thibault et de Irène Dufour

Second Generation

3. Olivier Thibault (Emery ).

Olivier married Ginette Prud'homme. Ginette died on 22 Mar 1983 in Ottawa, ON. She was buried on 25 Mar 1983 in ND-des-Champs, Orléans, ON.


Olivier and Ginette had the following children.

+ 16 M i Jean-Albert Thibault.

5. Irène Alice Thibault (Emery ) was born on 27 Dec 1910. She was christened 1 on 9 Apr 1911 in St-Jean-Baptiste, Ottawa, ON. She died on 9 Aug 1990 in Shawville. She was buried in Quyon.


Irène married Alfred Chevrier on 23 Jan 1928 in Ste-Marie, Quyon.

They had the following children.

+ 17 F i Bernadette Chevrier was born about 1932. She died on 27 Feb 2000.
  18 F ii Lorraine Chevrier.

6. Roméo Thibault (Emery ).

Roméo married Béatrice Lebrun, daughter of Léo Lebrun and Vida Ayotte. Béatrice was born in 1927. She died in 1968.

They had the following children.

  19 M i Robert Thibeault.
        Robert married Diane Baulne.
  20 F ii Lucille Thibault.
        Lucille married Donald Demers.
  21 F iii Linda Alice Thibault.
  22 M iv Roland Kenneth Thibault.
  23 F v Lois Edna Carol Thibault.
  24 M vi Henry Roméo Thibault.
  25 M vii Michael Raymond Thibault.
  26 M viii Antoine Gérard Thibault.

7. Gérard Thibault (Emery ).

Gérard married Marie Adéline.

They had the following children.

  27 M i Gérard Thibault.
        Gérard married Jeannette Périard.

8. Florence Florida Adrienne Thibault (Emery ).

Florence married Ernest C. Périard.

Florence also married Onésime Chamberot.

They had the following children.

  28 M i René Chamberot.
        René married Madeleine Annie Provost.

9. Célina Thibault (Emery ) was born 1 about 1915. She died on 23 Oct 2000 in Gatineau. She was buried 2 on 27 Oct 2000 in St-François-de-Sales, Gatineaul.

Célina married Henri Aurèle Simard on 2 Jan 1932 in St-Rédempteur, Hull.

They had the following children.

  29 F i Aurélia Simard.
        Aurélia married Jean-Paul Cousineau.
  30 M ii Arthur Simard.
        Arthur married Diane Bélanger.
        Arthur also married Thérèse Maurier.
  31 F iii Lise Simard.
        Lise married André Lavallée.
        Lise also married Normand Cossette.

11. Alice Thibault (Emery ).

Alice married Wilfrid John Morris.

They had the following children.

  32 F i M.-Rose Madeleine Morris.
        M.-Rose married Raymond Clifford Chevrier.
  33 M ii Alfred Morris.
        Alfred married Theresa D'Arcy.
  34 M iii Roger Morris.
        Roger married Donna Johnston.

12. Liliane Thibault (Emery ) was born about 1926. She died on 24 Mar 2005 in Quyon. She was buried 1 on 2 Apr 2005 in St Mary"s Church, Quyon, QC.

Liliane married 1 Edmond Périard, son of Félix Périard and Maude Kingsberry, on 14 Jun 1943 in Ste-Marie, Quyon. Edmond was buried 2 in St Mary's Church, Quyon.

[Marriage Notes]

Liliane and Edmond had the following children.

  35 M i
Edmond Périard was born about 1943. He died 1 on 2 Nov 1991 in Quyon.[Notes]
+ 36 F ii Gloria Périard was born about 1947. She died on 12 Jan 2014.
  37 M iii Denis Périard.
        Denis married Nicole.
        Denis also married Sylvie Chauret.

13. Juliette Thibault (Emery ).

Juliette married Léo Périard.

They had the following children.

  38 M i Gérard Périard.
        Gérard married Wendy Brunette.

Juliette also married Jean-Maurice Théoret.

14. Jeannette Thibault (Emery ) was born 1 about 1949. She died on 15 Jul 2001 in Gatineau. She was buried 2 on 18 Jul 2001 in St-Jean-Marie-Vianney, Gatineau.

Jeannette married Bernard Plante in Hull.

They had the following children.

+ 39 F i Hélène Jeanette Plante was born about 1949. She died on 15 Jul 2001.
+ 40 M ii Bernard Berny Plante was born about 1950. He died on 27 Feb 2011.
+ 41 F iii Lyne Plante.
+ 42 M iv Ronald Plante was born on 10 Jul 1950. He died on 3 Oct 1989.
  43 M v André Plante.

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